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Dry and Wet Paint


   As a Russian artist who has moved to America, I am fascinated by the power of art to transcend cultural and geographic boundaries and to connect people through a shared language of color, shape, and emotion. 

   I am passionate about using my art to explore and celebrate the many facets of human identity, while also advocating for social justice and women's rights. Through my work, I seek to create a visual language that promotes empathy, understanding, and unity, while also calling attention to issues of gender inequality.

   I am particularly drawn to the use of dots, which I see as a symbol of the interconnectedness of all things, and a visual representation of the unity that underlies all of our differences. My art is a reflection of the power and resilience of women, and I strive to use it as a tool for positive change and social transformation.


"Creating art is my way to contribute to the world and make a positive impact on those around me. By showing diverse perspectives and experiences I hope to break down barriers and promote equality."

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